True Grit with Craig Kautsch

Darrell Bevelhymer

March 15, 2021 Season 1 Episode 38
True Grit with Craig Kautsch
Darrell Bevelhymer
Show Notes

Want to hear what the founder of a 9 billion dollar company thinks about?

  • Scaling
  • Culture
  • Marketing
  • Buying and selling companies (he’s lost count)
  • C.S. Lewis

My next guest is Darrell Bevelhymer who is a private investor and considered a Founder of Tenaska, Inc., one of the top 25 largest privately-held companies in the United States at over 9 Billion dollars in revenue; and one of the largest private, independent, energy companies in the United States. 

Tune in while we have a really cool discussion about faith, business, and giving.  Darrell oozes wisdom and you don’t want to miss this episode of the True Grit Podcast!

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