True Grit with Craig Kautsch

John Townsend

January 11, 2021 Craig Kautsch Season 1 Episode 29
True Grit with Craig Kautsch
John Townsend
Show Notes

Ever wonder what the meaning of emotional intelligence really is?  My next guest is Dr. John Townsend has written over 30 books on the topic.  He has sold over 10 million copies, including the New York Times bestselling Boundaries series.  John is a nationally-known leadership consultant, author, and psychologist.  John founded and operates the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling, and the Townsend Leadership Program. Both of which I’ve been deeply involved in. 

Dr. Townsend travels extensively for corporate consulting, speaking events, and to help develop leaders, their teams, and their families. 

John has a weekly video call-in program, Dr. Townsend Live.

“If you don’t work on your insides...I promise it will sabotage you!” - John Townsend

Listen in while we unpack some really cool ideas that will help you connect your head with your heart!

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