True Grit with Craig Kautsch

Andrew Sage

December 21, 2020 Craig Kautsch Season 1 Episode 26
True Grit with Craig Kautsch
Andrew Sage
Show Notes

How do you weather the storm?  When things move up and down and are volatile what steps do you take to recover?  How do you pivot? How do you thrive?  

My next guest is Andrew Sage, founder of Broad Wing Aviation.  A local company that buys and sells airplane parts all over the world. Broadwing Aviation was formed in 2002 and produces around 40mm in annual revenue and employs 34 people. But recently due to the covid mess has reduced his staff to 16 which we will cover a bit later. 

Broadwing Aviation creates greater efficiencies in aftermarket parts procurement by serving as an extension of the customers’ supply chains and purchasing departments.

The founders of Broadwing Aviation have no shortage of shared experiences in the commercial and military aerospace markets. Andrew met his partners Mark Anderson and Michael Mills at a new start-up aftermarket parts company in the late 1990s. It is here they developed and refined the individual skills that would lead them to the genesis of Broadwing Aviation.

It didn’t take long for them to notice a trend: Parts supply companies operated by telling customers what they need instead of listening to customers’ needs. The result was a gradual decline in the level of customer service. This was not acceptable. They knew they could establish and grow a company providing a far superior customer experience….and so Broadwing Aviation was born!

Andrew has two kids and has been married to his wife Amy for almost 25 years!

Enjoy this broad-ranging conversation with founder Andrew Sage!

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